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Co Hosting The Blog Strut

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Welcome to the Blog Strut

Thank you so much for stopping by this week’s Blog Strut – Peacock Style #17!

Our Linky Parties are always rule-free!

There are a set of guidelines below but they are just that, guidelines!

We want you to post what you want, share what you want, and not have to do anything in return but share the blogging love!

Pin It

We encourage you to Pin the posts of the bloggers before and after you!

We understand that there may be a lot of entries so just pick a few of your favorites and pin them!

Are you pinning it right?

The host & co-hosts will pin all of the entries. That’s right, all of the entries. We feel that everyone deserves the traffic and exposure.

That is why you are linking up, right?

We found pinning to be more effective than commenting on entries. By pinning your posts you will be guaranteed more exposure through all of our followers and their followers on Pinterest!

Last Week's Featured Post

Every week we pick our favorite posts

The top clicked post

and a random wildcard choice

and Feature them!

From last week’s Strut we have:

Baby Rag Quilt Tutorial by Gina's Craft Corner

Angela’s Pick
Baby Rag Quilt Tutorial by Gina's Craft Corner

Sweet and Salty Pumpkin Cupcakes by Designs of Home

Amber’s Pick
Sweet & Salty Pumpkin Cupcakes by Designs of Home
Fall Rake Head Wreath by Hill House Homestead Teresa’s Pick
Fall Rake Head Wreath by Hill House Homestead

White Chicken Chili and Homemade Tortilla Chips by The Pretty Pickle

TaMara’s Pick
White Chicken Chili and Homemade Tortilla Chips by The Pretty Pickle
It's only water? Tell that to a drowning boy by Vashti Quiroz-Vega Top Clicks
chosen by you! It's only water? Tell that to a drowning boy. by Vashti Quiroz-Vega
How to Raise a Bully 101 by Small Fine Print Wildcard Pick
How to Raise a Bully by Small Fine Print


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Guidelines for the Blog Strut
We really are rule-free but we ask you that you take a look at and consider these guidelines.
peacockbbullettPlease post only family friendly content
peacockbbullettPlease post a link to any of your favorite or most recent posts
peacockbbullettYou can post as many as you’d like.
peacockbbullettIf you would like to link to your giveaway or contest please use our giveaway/contest page link up instead
peacockbbullettAfter you link your posts, don’t forget to scroll down and add your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Blog Lovin’ profiles! v peacockbbullettBe kind and follow your hosts and co-hosts!
peacockbbullettShare the bloggy love! Check out the links before and after you and follow some of them at the social linky below!

Share this Blog Strut so we can all get more blogging love!

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My Personal Accent Bloggers Thankful Tree Thanksgiving I am Thankful for Tree

What are you thankful for? Let us know in a few short words and we’ll add you up to our Thanksgiving Blogger Thankful Tree until December 1st. All the leaves will link back to the bloggers website. Read about what we are all thankful for and click a few leaves to learn more about your favorite bloggers.


Linky Party Directory

Do you have your own linky party/blog hop each week?

If so, please link it up in our Linky Party Directory!

We have been going through and adding some but we know we are still missing a ton!

So check and make sure yours isn’t already listed before you add it!

Also, if you are hosting a giveaway, don’t forget to add it to our Giveaway Page!


Crumbling Crust Mysteries series only on My Personal Accent YouTube Baking Tutorial Video Stephani Williams

My Personal Accent has a new series from pastry chef Stephani Williams! Stephani will walk you through video tutorials and unravel the mysteries of baking.

Check out the first in her video series, Revealing Easy Whipping Cream with Delicious Fillings, which will be posted tomorrow morning on My Personal Accent and on YouTube.

Coming up next week... Solving the Mystery of a Quality Chocolate Ganache!


Share the Blogging Love New Feature Google+ Blog Community

Have you joined our Google+ community, Share the Blogging Love yet? Now is the best time!

We have started a new feature to help out you, the bloggers!

We will be starting posts that ask for pins you want repinned, tweets you would like retweeted, and Alexa Rank Improvements. How this works is you will post your link, such as a pin you want repinned. From there you will be asked to repin at least 5 others and in exchange other posters will repin yours. The Alexa ranking boost up will ask you to Google a bloggers website, click on their link in the search results (which also helps search engine ranking), let their page load, and then click on a link within the page and let it fully load. This will increase the Alexa ranking and decrease bounce rate.

It is a great new feature where we can all help each other out! So check out the community:

blogstrutline The Hosts for your Blog Strut  
My Personal Accent DIY Blog
Featured Post: DIY Faux Leaf Bowl & Placemat
Paper Bag Turkey Tutorial
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  blogstrutline Co-Hosts for the Blog Strut    
Crafty Wife - Living the Disney Life
Featured Post:
30 Minute Camera
Strap Cover

Follow Crafty Wife
Implausibly Beautiful
Featured Post:

Framed “Mini” Bunting

Follow Implausibly Beautiful
The Mom in Black
Featured Post:
Fat Mom in a Little Dress
Follow The Mom in Black
Mama's High Strung
Featured Post:
Holiday Rice Pudding
Birthday Blocks
Moonjar Moneybox
Scenes From A Single Mom
Featured Post:
Why You Should Do
Things That Scare You

Little Pretty Vintage
Featured Post:
Freebies: Wreaths
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